Epic IIT’ans

Only Engineers from IIT can do this… 

By IITroorkee…

Engineering is a course where you will face every problem occuring in education system and all you can do is face them.. You’ll have to find x’s of mathematics, physics, even for chemistry sometimes, though you cant get one for yourself. 

Yeah, the toughest thing any engineer would solve is his problem of “meri wali mila de bhagwan” 

Engineering student having a girlfriend is either a myth or it turns into an engineer with most XP(either she breaks up and he gives his full attension on studies or they continue and he get two to three droplogs)

Here our IIT’ans wave on one of the most trending song “Shape of you“-by Ed Sheeran. 

Link below-

Shape of you-Ed Sheeran cover by IITroorkee